Reasons to Go Solar

It’s often a matter of What the Jones’ Did! There are so many reasons for choosing to install solar power in your home or business. Solar UV Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Solar America Solutions, which has been developing and marketing solar systems for ten years. During that time, we naturally have promoted the wisdom associated with […]

Renewable electricity for all

Would you believe it? Whole countries are getting ALL their electricity from renewable energy!  At Solar UV Solutions, we follow success stories about the growing renewable energy segment closely. While our focus is on the U.S. market, other countries are even more actively switching from fossil fuels to renewables.  A recent publication in caught […]

The Future of Environmental Sustainability

An environmentally sustainable future – the dream is CHANGING into a reality. Recently it was announced that President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China formally committed the world’s two largest economies to the Paris climate agreement, cementing their partnership on climate change.  This is a significant moment in history and moving into the future, […]

Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables

The Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy- It’s happening now! “The Times They Are a-Changin’”– Bob Dylan, 1964 Throughout man’s history, there have been periods when fundamental shifts or transitions have occurred that marked a change in the way we think, live, and work.  There was the Industrial age of the mid-1800’s when much […]

Building Efficiency – the REAL solution to our nation’s energy crisis

Building Efficiency- the REAL solution to our nation’s energy crisis Waste not, want not …it’s an old adage that could certainly apply to the crisis confronting our nation’s energy grid. Our standard of living is rising, resulting in more and more energy being consumed in the United States. “Living better” than our parent’s generation requires […]

Earthquakes! Fracking and the Pursuit of Oil

The “Newest” Problem from America’s Addiction to Fossil Fuels- EARTHQUAKES! Regardless of your personal feelings about global warming, the “social consciousness” level of awareness and concern regarding the use of fossil fuels is growing throughout the world. Many of the environmental problems the world faces today – including climate change, air pollution, oil spills, and […]

The Connection Between Jimmy Buffett and Attitudes on Global Warming

Slowly but surely, attitudes about global warming among the American public are beginning to more closely reflect those held by scientists.  Regardless of one’s personal views on the subject, the last five years has seen an increase in awareness of the public about this issue.  Yes, we know a lot of people have an opinion […]

Solar Thermal – a Strategic Vision

John Naisbitt, the author of the book Megatrends, is also a public speaker in the area of future trends.  He has this to say about planning for the future: Strategic planning is worthless — unless there is first a strategic vision. At Solar UV Solutions, we couldn’t agree more!   Frankly, customers who install our SunQuest 250 solar […]