Building Efficiency – the REAL solution to our nation’s energy crisis

Building Efficiency- the REAL solution to our nation’s energy crisis

Waste not, want not it’s an old adage that could certainly apply to the crisis confronting our nation’s energy grid.

Our standard of living is rising, resulting in more and more energy being consumed in the United States. “Living better” than our parent’s generation requires more electricity per capita than ever before. Phones, computers, and other devices increasingly used by all socioeconomic levels require round–the-clock power. And, unlike our grandparents, we all demand air conditioning in the summer and gas/electric heat in the winter.

The PROBLEMour nation’s power grid is maxed out

In the last decade alone, we have seen a 10% increase in electricity demand, according to the International Business TimesThis is intensifying the strain on the country’s aging power grid and forces inefficient and pollution-producing plants to help meet demand. The fact is, most of our electrical grid dates back to WWII, consisting of outdated technology from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

But fixing the problem by simply building new power plants is not the solution. Think about the last time you heard of a new power plant coming online. It happens very infrequently. New power plants require years of planning and are bedeviled by increasing federal and state-level mandates, primarily related to pollution emission standards. Our strained, aging power grid has resulted in increased blackouts. And it’s not a rarity anymore. A startling fact is that blackouts in the U.S. now exceed those of any other developed nation.

The NEED– make buildings more efficientefficiency

Increasingly, experts are realizing the solution lies in using our existing energy more efficiently. Instead of building more generating plants that belch greenhouse producing gases into the air, why not focus on making our buildings more energy-efficient?

If a building’s energy use can be reduced by 40%, that energy can be used instead to offset the increase in energy consumption resulting from a rising living standard across the U.S. Compound this effort by thousands of buildings doing the same thing and you have enough unused energy to equal what a new power plant could generate.

The SOLUTION- renewable, clean energy from the sun

Clearly, one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption (while reducing carbon footprint) is to use renewable energy where practical. And that’s where Solar UV Solutions has helped so many businesses. 

Our SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors can be used to supply MOST, if not ALL, energy used by those two BIGGEST ENERGY-EATING HOGS- Domestic Hot Water and Space heating. And, our solar collectors are adaptable to just about any existing installed heating and hot water systems.


With our SunQuest 250 system– everyone WINS!

With each collector panel reducing energy costs by 50% or more, we consistently see ROI’s running in the 3-5 year range. When it comes to using energy wisely, our satisfied customers see it as a WIN-WIN situation. They are happy knowing they are reducing their fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And, they feel good about giving back all that unused energy to the grid.


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