Reasons to Go Solar

It’s often a matter of What the Jones’ Did!

There are so many reasons for choosing to install solar power in your home or business. Solar UV Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Solar America Solutions, which has been developing and marketing solar systems for ten years. During that time, we naturally have promoted the wisdom associated with making a decision to go solar over traditional fossil fuel whenever possible.  And, through the years, as federal and state governments slowly move to a consensus of thought regarding the benefits of renewable sources of energy, various incentives have been introduced to encourage the residential and commercial use of these renewable sources of energy.

Industry site SolarReviewsNews published an interesting story entitled Keeping up With the Jones-With Solar Power! It highlighted three commonly referenced reasons for the adoption of solar.  While the first two reasons were expected, the third came as somewhat of a surprise.  Those first two reasons were:

  1. Lower solar panel costs, and
  2. Fighting climate change and pro-solar policies

However, it’s the third reason that caught our eye.

3. People talking to friends and neighbors about solar power.

It’s true.  

The positive experience of friends and neighbors with their solar installations was the deciding factor for about 33% of new solar customers!

Seeing solar panels on a neighbor’s rooftop and word-of-mouth conversations can both be key motivators to go solar.”

There is a contagious nature involved in seeing a neighbor business that has installed solar.  Initially, feelings might best be described as curious. “Why did HE go solar?”

Slowly, there are the questions about the economics of the installation. “I wonder what HIS installation costs were and what HE is saving on HIS energy bill each month?”

It’s just a matter of time before the new solar neighbor shares HIS excitement about the savings and the good feeling he has from using renewable energy.  This revelation is often the catalyst for other neighboring businesses to “go solar” themselves.   

Yes, Keeping up with the Jones is a real motivator to become another happy solar customer.

At Solar UV Solutions, we have many happy customers. And, we consider each one to be our best advertisement for going solar.  

Give us a call and let us tell you about them.  One of them just might be your neighbor!

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