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Check out the SunQuest 250 For Your Business Solar Heating Solutions!

The most cost-effective solution for all of your large quantity heating and cooling needs. The SunQuest 250 specializes in creating large quantities of heat, which then can be applied in a number of different ways to produce:

  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Water Heating
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Space Heating
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Air Conditioning
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Radiant Floor Heating & Cooling

Business Solar Heating Solutions That Consistently Deliver!

Markets Include:

  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Hospitals
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Hotels
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Dormatories
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Fraternities
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Sororities
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Retirement Homes
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Long Term Care
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Correctional Facilities

Establishments that require a constant supply of large amounts of hot water, including both personal and industrial use, often have a return on investment of under 5 years and an immediate cost savings of 50% or more.

Business Solar Heating Solutions Made Easy

Installation of the SunQuest 250 will help minimize your carbon footprint as well as qualify your building for LEED points and accreditation. Your business may also qualify for a number of federal, state, and local tax incentives.

Still worried about cost? Solar UV Solutions has many financing options available, including power purchase agreements (PPAs). When combined with government incentives, such as the federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the interest rates tends to actually be negative, lowering the cost of ownership for the end user.

Solar Heating Solutions for:

  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Hotels & Resorts
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Correctional Facilities
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Hospitals
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Farming Operations
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Car & Truck Washes
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Breweries
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Universities
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Food Processing
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Nursing Homes
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy & More!

Radiant Flooring

Radiant floor heating utilizes the natural process of convection by heating the space from the ground up. The heat is distributed through a wall-mounted manifold which connects to a series of Pex tubes arranged in a pattern underneath the concrete flooring. These tubes directly warm the floor, which then transfers the heat to the rest of the room. Unlike forced-air heating systems, radiant floor systems do not circulate and distribute dust and other allergens, and it is more efficient in that there is no duct loss. Due to the nature of radiant floor installation, it is intended for new construction and buildings undergoing major renovation. Even when used in conjunction with traditional heating systems, radiant floor heating can reduce your energy cost by 70%.

Radiant floor heating and cooling applications require very little maintenance and quickly pay for themselves through energy cost savings. Through our partnership with Viega, we can help you discover the most cost-effective radiant floor solution for your business. Viega’s ClimateMat™ has a pre-approved design that can be customized to fit your space as well as your heating and cooling needs. Customers who install radiant floor systems are able to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit when combined with our Solar Heating product. This includes all of the aggregate and labor to install the floor. With new construction, many times this tax credit will pay for the cost of the solar installation, leaving your building with free heat!

Radiant floor systems have a secondary advantage in that they can be used to both heat and cool a building. By installing radiant floor technology to cool a store in Texas, Wal-Mart was able to save 50% on energy costs, and thanks to the ease of the ClimateMat, labor and installation time was reduced by 80%. To read more about the success of radiant floor cooling please check out the following case study.

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