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The SunQuest 250 Is the Solar Heating Solution Your Business Needs!

Product Specification Sheet

The SunQuest 250 is the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution for large commercial, industrial, and agricultural heating and cooling applications. The solar thermal collection system utilizes panels of evacuated tubes to harness the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and convert it into a functional source of heat. The collector can be installed in combination with new construction or integrated into existing heating and hot water systems. Whether your business needs a warm work area, a continuous supply of hot water, or some combination of the two, the SunQuest 250 will meet your heating needs and exceed your expectations. The patented design of the SunQuest 250 maximizes total absorption area without the need for direct sunlight or expensive tracking devices. Cylindrical vacuum tubes, in contrast with flat panel designs, allow UV rays to penetrate the collector from all angles. They are attracted to the sputtered aluminum coating on the inner collection tube, where they bounce around creating friction and heat. The Heat production (measured in BTUs) is not limited by adverse weather conditions such as clouds or rain. In fact, each evacuated tube is built to withstand 1” hail and 150 MPH winds. UV rays, the most powerful component of the sun’s spectrum, are able to penetrate snow so even when almost completely covered, the SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector produces immense amounts of heat. Because of this, the collector does not need to lose any of the heat it has produced to melt the snow on its surface. The SunQuest 250 produces temperatures of over 140°F even when 70% snow covered. Solar Heating
Any place the sun shines we can make heat.
Your business doesn’t need to be located in a region with high levels of sunlight to reap the benefits of solar thermal energy production. Our business Solar Heating solutions were manufactured in Indiana. The SunQuest 250 was designed with Midwest weather patterns in mind, where the amount and intensity of sunlight can vary daily, and sometimes hourly. Whenever the sun is above the horizon the SunQuest 250 is collecting UV rays and producing heat, even when weather conditions may not seem ideal.

A Business Solar Heating Solutions To Fit Your Business

The SunQuest 250 is designed to be both lighter and and smaller than competitive solar thermal panels, making it ideal for rooftop installations and applications with limited space. Each collector panel consists of 25 evacuated tubes over a 21 square foot area, and has an 88 square foot absorption area. When fully installed and running, each solar thermal collector panel weighs slightly over 200 lbs.

The SunQuest 250 seamlessly integrates with existing heating systems, becoming the primary heat source during the day. This results in a dramatic decrease in energy costs, reduced maintenance costs, and will protect your previous investment by doubling the life of existing heating systems. Depending on usage and application,customers regularly save up to 50% of energy costs. Return on Investment (ROI) is generally within 5 years for all hot water applications and between 5 and 10 years for space heating applications.

Solar Heating

Business Solar Heating Solutions With A Warranty

Each SunQuest 250 collector panel comes with a 10 year warranty and has a life expectancy of 20+ years. By design, if one evacuated tube were to break, the rest of the system would continue to operate and produce heat. Each evacuated tube is an independent component and can be repaired or replaced relatively quickly and easily, without affecting any other components. Because the vacuum tubes are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and because everything operates in a closed loop system with only one moving part, very little maintenance is required.

Why Install the SunQuest 250?

  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Produces up to 30,000 BTUs per hour/per collector – that’s 300,000 BTUs per solar day 10 times more BTUs than competitive panels
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy 94% energy efficient
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Output water temperatures > 300° Fahrenheit
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Reduce your energy cost by 50% or more
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Significantly reduce your company’s emission of toxic greenhouse gases
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Less than 5 year ROI for many applications
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy SRCC and OG-100 Certified
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Converts UV rays into heat from sunrise to sunset
  • Solar-UV-White-Texttransparent copy Effective in all climates and weather conditions

Solar thermal heat is harvestable, limitless, and free for your business!

With over 80 successful installations, and no unhappy customers the SunQuest 250 is the most economically and environmentally friendly solar thermal collector available for your business Solar Heating solutions.

Solar UV Solutions would love to help you discover how Solar Heating can improve your business. Whether you’re looking to add on to an existing system or about to break ground, we can walk you through the steps and determine your price and ROI – all at no cost to you!

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