Renewable electricity for all

Would you believe it? Whole countries are getting ALL their electricity from renewable energy! 

At Solar UV Solutions, we follow success stories about the growing renewable energy segment closely. While our focus is on the U.S. market, other countries are even more actively switching from fossil fuels to renewables. 

A recent publication in caught our eye. 

The article carried a startling statistic! During the month of May 2016, not one, but two countries have reported that renewables provided almost ALL of their electric needs.  And, in fact, for one of those countries, renewables like wind and solar DID provide ALL of their needs for days!

The two countries were Germany and Portugal- with the latter being powered solely by renewable energy (solar, wind, and hydropower) for four days straight!  This amazing feat occurred between the mornings of May 7 and the evening of May 11.

In May 2016, Germany and Portugal both reported that renewable energy provided almost ALL of their electricity needs

The article also mentioned that Denmark, in July 2015, was actually able to use renewables (wind) to power 140% of their electric needs for a short time. During this time, the country actually exported its excess energy to neighboring Norway, Germany, and Sweden! 

Here in the U.S. at least one town, Borrego Springs, CA, operated purely on solar power for a period of time.  This happened last year when a lightning-damaged power line had to be replaced. During that time, the town relied on a local micro-grid of stored energy and solar power to manage and provide all its electric needs 

We share these interesting solar tidbits for one reason; to remind everyone that renewables CAN provide most, if not all, of the energy needs for most applications.

Our SunQuest 250 system is scalable and adaptable to supplement installed heating and hot water systems to reduce energy consumption.

While our collectors are not designed to generate electricity, they WILL provide most (and in some cases ALL) the heat required to warm your commercial building or heat the domestic water you use.  

And that’s significant!

If you’re like a lot of businesses, heating space and water consumes the greatest portion of your monthly energy.  

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