Solar Thermal – a Strategic Vision

John Naisbitt, the author of the book Megatrends, is also a public speaker in the area of future trends.  He has this to say about planning for the future:

Strategic planning is worthless — unless there is first a strategic vision.

At Solar UV Solutions, we couldn’t agree more!  

Frankly, customers who install our SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors have that strategic vision.  While they may have used traditional fossil fuels (most likely natural gas) in the past as their preferred energy source, they strategically decided the future of energy was in renewable resources. And what better source, they realized, for that consistent and abundant energy than the sun. For them, GOING GREEN made sense.  As Naisbitt would say, it was their long-term strategic vision for the future.

Our SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors produce heat, not electricity.  Contrary to traditional solar panels (photovoltaic) that produce electricity, our panels take the UV rays of the sun and convert it to heat. The heat collected in the tubes is transferred into our customer’s existing or conventional heating system to become the primary heat source often replacing most, if not all, the need for the natural gas (fossil fuel).

SunQuest250 Solar Thermal Collectors
SunQuest250 Solar Thermal Collectors

We understand that, before any installation of our collectors, you are going to compare the cost against the market price of natural gas to calculate your ROI. And, based on current market price, one might think spec’ing natural gas is the smart move when designing commercial heating.  After all, natural gas prices are currently very low, and there is a front-end cost of installing our thermal panels. But, is this a shortsighted view? Or, as Naisbitt would say, is it a lack of strategic vision?  


We certainly think so!  “Why”?

Natural Gas prices are currently artificially low but doomed to rise.  Gas and Oil Industry site, states natural gas prices should double over the next year.

Over-supply plus a warm 2015-2016 winter have resulted in low gas prices. That is about to change because supply is decreasing in the U.S. Total supply–dry gas production plus net imports–has been declining since October 2015* because gas production is flat, imports are decreasing and exports are increasing. Shale gas production has stopped growing and conventional gas has been declining for the past 15 years. As a result, the supply surplus that has existed since December 2014 is disappearing and will move into deficit by November 2016.”

The message here is simple. Any energy decision regarding commercial heating should be based on a strategic, long-term view.  Our SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors offer a hedge against gas price inflation over a 30-year product life expectancy. 

We welcome the opportunity to show you how installing our SunQuest 250 solar thermal panels represents the right strategic vision for your future.

Give us a call and let us tell you about them.  One of them just might be your neighbor!

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